The Identity Mashup Conference is a three-day event hosted by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School. The goal of the conference is to explore the role of identity systems (tools that let users and merchants know whom to trust on the web) in furthering or inhibiting privacy, civil liberties and new forms of civic participation and commerce.


This list is constantly being updated. Please keep checking back.

Hal Abelson, Professor of Computer Science, MIT, and WWWC
Ben Adida
Derrick Ashong, ASAFO Media, LLC
Walter Bender, MIT Media Lab
Derek Beres, Journalist
Carl Bergstrom, University of Washington
David Berlind, Executive Editor, ZDNet
David Bollier, Public Knowledge
Stefan Brands, CEO, Credentica
Kim Cameron, Chief Architect of Identity, Microsoft
Anne Carblanc, OECD
John Henry Clippinger, Senior Fellow, Berkman Center
Roger Dingledine, Tor Project
Judith Donath, MIT Media Lab
Esther Dyson, Editor at Large, CNet
Johannes Ernst, CEO, Netmesh
Philip Evans, Senior Vice President, Boston Consulting Group
Glenn Fogel, Managing Director-Corporate Development and International, Priceline.com
Urs Gasser, Associate Professor of Law, University of St. Gallen and Fellow, Berkman Center
Michael Graves, Verisign
Mark Greene, IBM
Louise Guay, CEO, My Virtual Model
Marvin Hall, Jamaican Educator
Dick Hardt, CEO, Sxip
Robin Harper, Vice President of Community Development and Support, Linden Lab
Lewis Hyde, Fellow, Berkman Center
Jair, Imaginify Community Network
Michael B. Jones, Microsoft
David Kirkpatrick, Editor, Fortune
Karim Lakhani, Professor, Harvard Business School
Jamie Lewis, President, Burton Group
Kevin McCabe, Professor of Economics, George Mason University
William McGeveran, Fellow, Berkman Center
Anthony Nadalin, Chief Security Architect, IBM
Dr. Nataraj Nagaratnam, Chief Architect for Identity Management, IBM
Iyeoka Ivie Okoawo, Slam Poet
Dale Olds, Novell
Jon Ramer, Executive Director, The Interra Project
Drummond Reed, CTO, Cordance
Martin Rosvall, Post Doctorate, Theoretical Biology, University of Washington
Marc Rotenberg, Executive Director, EPIC
Ira Rubinstein, Associate General Counsel, Microsoft
Mary Rundle, Fellow, Berkman Center
Doc Searls, Editor, Linux Journal
Jake Shapiro, Executive Director, PRX, and Fellow, Berkman Center
Jean-Francois St. Arnaud, My Virtual Model
Greg Steltenpohl, Founder, Odwalla Juices, Adina Juices and Interra
Hugh Stevenson, FTC and Harvard Law School
Roger Sullivan, Vice President of Business Development, Oracle
John Sviokla, DiamondCluster
Kim Taipale, Center for Advanced Studies in Science & Technology Policy
Paul Trevithick, CEO, Parity, Co-creator: Higgins, IdentityGang, SocialPhysics
Christine Varney, Managing Partner, Hogan and Hartson
Jeremy Warren, US Department of Justice
Bill Washburn, Opinity
Larry Weber, W2 Group
Danny Weitzner, WWWC
Philip Windley, Professor of Computer Science, Brigham Young University
Jonathan Zittrain, Chair of Internet Governance and Regulation, Oxford University, co-founder, Berkman Center, and Visiting Professor, Harvard Law School